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The Sunshine School
PO Box 90 BQ
St Vincent and the Grenadines
West Indies

Tel: 784-457-3794



The Sunshine School has an ongoing need for support to continue operation. Although the most effective gift is that of “general operating funds”, we understand that many donors prefer to offer specific ‘items’ instead. We hope that you will contribute generously and appreciate and THANK you in advance for whatever your HEART tells you to give.

The General Operating Fund: This include salaries, maintenance, utilities – ‘everything!’
Canadians wishing to make a donation to the Sunshine School can receive tax exemptions if sent via The Bequia Mission, Canada.
Email - gbird@bequiamission.ca

Insurance Fund: The School is currently ‘self-insured’ but we aspire to eventually acquire an actual insurance policy for the building. If this is of interest please contact us for more details.

Lunch Fund: Although parents are required to pay a monthly lunch fee (of $20 EC), this is sometimes not feasible. Interested persons may contact us to sponsor a child or children by the term or annually.

Basic School supplies: The school is always in need of material like copy paper, pencils & pens, exercise books, school glue, CHALK, markers art & craft material, sewing material etc.

Books: Gently used books for the tri-annual book sales may be dropped off at the school anytime during normal school hours.

Auction Items: Fun, interesting and new or ‘like new’ items for the Annual Auction - Anything!

Jumble Sale: Gently used, working and new items for the jumble sale may be dropped off at the school anytime during school hours. (Please do not send “throw away” items – we go through everything by hand and greatly appreciate not having to sort unwashed, damaged and broken items that we then have to throw away! – Thank you).

VOLUNTEERS: Persons who are interested in volunteering at the school may apply to the Head Teacher.

Volunteers for the fundraising events! Yes, we have those dedicated volunteers who take on the tasks every year, but please every responsible body helps distribute the load – come and pick an event or two to help out with.

Contact us and sign up!!